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Unik Construction Engineering (Pty) Ltd was incorporated in 1996 in Botswana, Southern Africa. With 19 years steadfast and  development,  the  company  has grown from  a  small building contractor  into a  competitive  large  corporate  firm that can undertake big  scale projects  ranging  from building

construction to infrastructure development such as water supply and sewer reticulation, roads and bridges. The annual turnover of the company has also increased from One Hundred Thousand US dollars in initial period  to One Hundred Million US dollars now. While maintaining steady growth locally,  the company  has   expanded  its business intoLesotho,Zambiaand some otherSouthern Africacountries.


Unik Construction  Engineering is committed  to  meeting the highest   ethical standards in all its business activities.  We pride ourselves on providing quality service free from misconduct, and  expect  our  business partners  to  do  the same.  To  that  end, the   company’s  Code  of Conduct prohibits all forms of fraud, corruption, collusion, obstruction, and coercion. 

The company's Mission Statement: To deliver state-of-art  completed projects; To pay back to and participate in social development; To maintain excellence in corporate image and To strive for sustainable development.

The company's vision: Locally, to provide better quality service in project delivery; to create more employment
posts for the society; to contribute  more  taxes  to  the  government revenue   and  to  participate  actively   in    Botswana’s  social  and economic development. Globally, to grasp development opportunity; to develop company capacity and competency; to excel in company management and to maintain sustainable company development.

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