To Donate Winter Blankets, To Deliver Warmth To Motswana---- Carry Out Social Responsibilities, Promote The Spirit of Unik Group

People who have never been to Africa always think that it is a tropical continent. In fact, Africa also has winter, especially in Southern African countries. Botswana has entered the midwinter season in June with the lowest temperature -1 degree in the early morning and at midnight. The word of “Seetebogiso”( June in English ) in Setswana means “Please don’t come to visit my house at night, there is no extra blanket”.  We can see that blankets are powerful weapons for Botswana people to survive from cold winter.

As a native construction company that started in Botswana and has grown stronger in southern Africa for the past 20 years, Unik Construction Engineering never forget its original aspiration and has always been grateful for the good investment environment and development platform that provided by the local government. Unik Construction Engineering always takes initiative to assume social responsibilities and improve lives of local community.

In the early morning of 25th June, 2021, Unik Construction Engineering staff arrived at Moshupa village, 70 kilometers from the Capital of Botswana, Gaborone, with a whole truck of warm blankets in total of 300 pieces.

The branch manager Mr. Sun Yun and HR & Admin Manager Alex Kan attended the donation ceremony.


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